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Can any of the claims that Bodywork made be substantiated? They sound more like the tall tales of Paul Bunyan.
Nice. I appreciate the insult.
I don't tell tales. As for my statements; they have been vetted and substantiated many times, to include a whole lot of people here. And not only with judo-ka but with guys with established fight records who can deliver a hell of a lot more pressure than judo-ka do.
Look, I both taught and defended the notion of this "improbable aiki nonsense" INSIDE of Judo/MMA dojos as well as with ICMA teachers who I was told by supposedly informed people were miles ahead of me. I don't really care to be the flavor of the day or the fastest draw in the west. No one is undefeatable, there is always someone better. But after what I have now felt or other times "seen" of who I have wasted years debating, you'll have to pardon me if I am not interested in debating about the Chinese method over the Japanese method, or the Western over Eastern.
On the net, tempers flare and people get protective of systems, ranks and beliefs. I know what IP/aiki can deliver and offer to people, and in person these internet debates usually always end nicely and in people wanting to train it.
See ya

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