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Wow, the article you cited was great.
Could you share more?

Well, here's one I just cited elsewhere today -

From Trevor Leggett

Look at Figure 3. Here the man is extending his arm, which he takes round in a big circle, finally forming the hand into a fist and directing it at the opponent. This is the first move of one of the Junokata sequences. The preliminary action is, of course, quite artificial and would never precede any real blow. There are a number of such moves in Junokata, and some people wonder why they are there.

One purpose is to train what is called Nai-ki, or 'inner energy'. When making the big circle of the arm, draw in the breath and feel the energy running right down to the extended finger-tips till they tingle with it. Perhaps our present physiology has no satisfactory explanation as yet, but it is a fact that students who practice these methods do display exceptional energy and fine coordination even into old age. The subject deserves further investigation, but meantime the practice is there to be taken advantage of.
I believe there's an article by Steve Cunningham that discusses the role of these mechanics in judo, though I don't have a cite handy; I know he goes into some related material in his video series "Core Throwing Techniques of Kodokan Judo (Dai-ikkyo)".

Of course, there's more to it then this, but I've always appreciated that Steve Cunningham is willing to think and investigate

EDIT: That original article comes by way of Feldenkrais, however if you read it, it's not about Feldenkrais, per se. I don't think you'll find much directly in what your after looking for within Moshe's written works (at least in this respect): in general, his books are not so explicative. However, given the above interview, it's very likely he knew about the topic at hand (and within a judo context), Given the identity of Feldenkrais' primary Judo teacher - and his background - I think some pretty interesting hypotheses could be suggested.

However, if it's all the same, I'd prefer not to get into historical minutae like this on aikiweb: I think it would serve us all much better to discuss and analyse concrete physical examples etc. Assuming of course were not just shooting the breeze and gawking at Mifune

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