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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
"Aiki requires an enormous amount of solo training. Only amateurs think that techniques are enough. They understand nothing." Sagawa

THe information is NOT in the techniques. That's why he routinely talked down to people who were technique oriented and he was well known for not repeating them. Something he learned from Takeda.

Interestingly enough Ueshiba spent hours and hours solo training and hours and hours talking to them about the mental aspects of Ki.
You realize of course, that you are more or less stating that you know better than the old man himself.
We can add Shirata, Tohei, Takeda, Sagawa, and many others to the list but...I don't think we need to.
And what do you think he was doing in those hours solo training?

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