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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
There is a presupposition in the ISTPQ contingent that aiki is missing in everyone's Aikido and that they have the answer.

With over one million practitioners of Aikido worldwide the amount they have had contact with is well below 1/2 of 1%.

They are unwilling to admit and meet with those that do have aiki in thier Aikido because this would not profit them to do so.

I think that the the forum should be renamed to Non-Aikido Non-Traditional Martial Arts because the ISTPQ contingent does not promote traditional martial arts like Tai Chi or Daito Ryu or Aikido.


Not sure where you are coming from on this post.

First, no one ever said that no one has aiki in their Aikido - all I ever heard was that most don't have it and those that do have some, don't have it to a high degree like Ueshiba did,

Second, let's talk quality and not quantity here as well as some math permutations. Dan has met and trained with 782 people worldwide so far - mostly senior ranked individuals and teachers that do their own seminars. Collectivity, they have experienced thousands and thousands of people - this represents more that your 1/2 %,

Third, I never heard of anyone being turned away who wanted to sincerely train - actually, it's those type of naysayers who think they may have something in aiki that we all would like to see as long as they are sincere and don't have any personal agendas. As far as your profit statement, I know of no one making money off of any of this stuff.

Fourth, most of the people I know outside of Aikido that are training IS are from Daito Ryu, Yi Chuan, Tai Chi, and some other Chinese and Korean martial arts, and some have used this forum to discuss aspects of their arts other than IS - so I am not sure what you mean by your last paragraph.