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Re: Am I Tough Enough to Be a Beginner?

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
There's always something Sensei is emphasizing that doesn't come naturally. The temptation to ignore it and do what I know is always there. But the point of training is to work on the stuff that's hard.
Too true. But one thing that really struck me in this column (even just the first 6 sentences) is the sense of consciously deciding to allow the entirety of one's performance to take a long-term dip, not because one is working on a specific detail for a moment, but because the entire behavior is being re-designed.

The column referenced visits to seminars, which is akin to what you mentioned about a teacher emphasizing something that doesn't come easy. But it sounds like Tiger Woods basically said goodbye for a while, so that he could come back later, even better than before.
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