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graham christian
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Re: Go, Said the Bird...

Hi Ross.
Another good contemplative article.

Once again I find these questions similar to how I study life.

I couldn't help seeing a simplicity, which once said may cause some to say it's simplistic, but nonetheless it's something I adhere to.

Happiness I say is the result of progress. When a person feels they are progressing then they are happy. Like a cycle of progression and thus it includes the end result or target reached as well.

Depression therefore, and degrees of, would be proportional to the degree of not progressing and indeed finally finding things hopeless or impossible.

Now here's another factor. When looking at something not directly to do with you ie: a political situation, a country's situation even if it's not your country, a world situation. The plight of others or animals or whatever.

When we see things improving we feel happy for, when we see things heading for disaster we feel down about. Once again to do with perceived progress.

In the middle in my opinion is once again the acceptance of reality, again I equate this as centre as in Aikido.

Which brings me to a third point. If you can accept the reality then you will be more stable, more centred and thus more happy whether looking at progress or failure.

A few thoughts to add to the pot?

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