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Keith Larman
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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

I would second (or is that third?) what Budd has written.

Aikido has gone in a lot of directions and I'm the first to say I have zero problem with that. Some groups focused on certain things, others on others. Evolution happens and will continue to happen. There are guys out there doing things I'd never do, but hey, if it works for them more power to them.

So I think it is understandable that *some* will circle back and try to recover what *they* think may have been lost (or maybe better yet overlooked) during the changes of evolving. Others will see little or no value in that and again, I have no problem with that. Arts evolve and Aikido certainly went in a whole lot of directions for a myriad of reasons well beyond the scope of this discussion. The differences will continue to grow. Of course the question of "what is aikido" will still remain, but honestly I think it is unanswerable given the multiple levels upon which the question can be asked. Meaning unless we all agree to a whole lot of ground rules and defining contexts we're just going to keep right on talking past each other.

So all that said, "Aiki" as a concept and practice wasn't an invention of O-Sensei. Other arts have it to varying degrees as well. I think the IS component of Aikido varies tremendously today within various groups. Of course even the idea of what it is (or should be) vary tremendously. But in the end how things *should* be is a value statement that I'm really not interested in debating personally. I can answer it for myself but I'll leave everyone else to their own conclusions. So given the variety of practice that now falls under the general rubric of Aikido I see little reason to debate these things.

As such a forum dedicated to IS (or just NAMT) is just fine with me. It can be discussed outside the context of Aikido on its own terms. That's cool. Those who find the discussions silly or "we already do that" or "it isn't relevant to us" are perfectly right to ignore the discussion. And that is probably easier in a separate forum they can ignore all together. Those who want to read but not participate, great, I have zero problem with that as well.

WRT to signal to noise. That analogy assumes we agree as to what is signal and what is noise. Personally I find the topic of IS to be signal. While others see it as nothing but nails on a chalkboard.

Just random thoughts.