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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

And thus brings the debate to its head, Mary.
Seriously and kindly, I suggested that only Jun can solve it, because our very real debate IS... one of pertinence, of relevance. Your opening comment regarding "signal to noise" in itself suggests a lack of relevance; noise as opposed to good signal.
Gees... I cannot see how the two sides will meet in the middle. It's just like the ki wars.

Group a. Are all aikido-ka. They are convinced that this is foundational to the art. So much so that it would naturally permeate many discussions. Sure its not the entirety, but it is damn close to being unavoidable.

Group b. Are all aikido-ka. They don't see it that way. They see it as a part of aikido. and not even one that is overly relevant.

Both groups are aghast at each others position.

Jun is left to be the arbiter of different aikido-ka debating.The real point is not even about non-aikido related material anyway.
The NAMT is a very decent solution for a while. And Jun can monitor and send things there if it gets to heavy.
So where I can respect where you are coming from with the signal to noise, I am sorry to disagree. That said, can we try a middle?
All the best

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