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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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Yeah, I guess I wasn't clear - not arguing that it does or does't so much as I'm trying to encourage people that want to agree to discuss their approaches and how-to's (to the extent they're comfortable sharing, obviously) to voice if it's working for them to do so here or if somewhere else would be better. I'm game to participate either way, but I know some of the outlets to date have their own baggage attached.

I'm so hit and miss in the time I spend online that I basically resort to going where the action is, but am not reliably a regular contributor either way, even if I have skin in the game for advancing the discussion.
So you agree that NAMT is servicing the need then?
I think the discussions from aikido-ka, to, aikido-ka and about aikido and IP/aiki, will naturally evolve. AIkiweb has evolved with it and has become a known source for the discussion of Aikido and other arts as well.
Vocal minorities can make a lot of noise either way.
Only Jun knows how positive or negative that has been or will be in the long run.