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Re: Taking care of the back?

Eric Hood wrote: View Post
What are some good practices to try to avoid back or spine injuries? I only have one session a week, alas. I am almost 51 and went to keep practicing Aikido(Tomiki) as long as I can.
I thank all in advance,
First and most important: Pay attention

You must attain your focus on what you're doing.
Daydream while training, not paying attention to what you're doing is a high risk.

Then, I think the most common way to hurt the back is while taking ukemi.

It's for this that the rollings are. For your safety. So, know how to proper roll is extremely important. Mae Kaiten, Ushiro kaiten and Ushiro Hanten are the most common and "needed" rollings. Yoko ukemi is hardly needed in fact (but sometimes it is). If you need any other ukemi, than probably you are in the wrong place (my opinion).

And when doing ukemi (except yoko ukemi), trying to be like a ball is the best way to avoid hurt the back.

I think is it rsrs

See you!
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