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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

I think Jun's decision of the Non aikido martial traditions is fine and works well.
Other issues that have not been brought up:
1. What is the response to teachers and students in aikido bringing up IP/aiki and wanting to discuss it? 2. What is the response when aikido members constantly bring up other arts, such as Chris Hein recently bringing up koryu, Kevin Leavitt bringing up BJJ? It happens all the time, and the discussion will often, at least partially veer from the main topic. Good conversations, that we love to be part of -those long sit on the porch and sip...are the ones that meander and we lose track of time. It's much the same here.
3. What is the response to DR people being asked to teach aiki at Ikeda's school, Ledyards, Gleasons, Abrams, two of Chiba's as well and people want to discuss it? Much more so that the discussions are not heated and are anything but controversial. As one teachers noted "Its aiki for God sake, what the hell are we debating?"

Jun's response has typically been "keep it aikido related," so its' really up to Jun to decide what HE THINKS is and is not related to aikido. Even that has led to some debate as well, I know Rob Liberti left over that. His feelings were that after 30yrs in the art, who the hell has the right to tell him that what is or is not "aikido related."
I can't print Gleasons or Ledyards response to the same idea.
All that said, it is his house, and since it is a thankless Job that most people in their right mind would never do, all that is left to do is just say thanks.