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Re: Bill Gleason YouTube Videos

Robert Wilkins wrote: View Post
As for Gleason Sensei not seeming "focused" on uke after executing a technique, I can say such is not the case. Gleason Sensei knows what's going on on every part of the mat, this too has been my personal experience with him. I've seen him standing on one end of the mat and the next instant he's off to the far corner of the mat correcting something he saw. I've also seen Gleason Sensei finish his pins by completely immobilizing and holding his ukes down for several minutes whilst they struggled to get back up.

So while it may "appear" to you that Gleason Sensei lacks the requisite amount of zanshin, I can say, as someone who has swung a bokken at him for a while now, that such is not the case.
I second the above. In my experience, when I've been thrown by Gleason Sensei, there's never any chance of escaping afterwards. He's always stayed very "connected" to me. Also, maybe take a look at some videos of his teacher, yamaguchi Sensei - people used to complain of how "sticky" he was - they could not get away. Gleason Sensei is great at this.

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