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Robert A. Wilkins
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Re: Bill Gleason YouTube Videos

Tim Jester wrote: View Post
Very nice videos Hugh.

I have a question that has always stuck with me and seeing this instructor reminded me about it.

I don't know who this is but he never seems to stays focused on his Uke after he throws. It seems flippant to me. I see a few instructors do this. They throw Uke but have no Zanshin afterwards.

Teaching situational awareness is a big part of martial arts but I don't see that aspect being taught here. I'm sure he might have it but he doesn't seem to teach it in these videos. I know other instructors that stay focused on Uke until he recovers and that's what I was always taught in any of the arts I've studied.

It seems that habits like this would be hard to break once ingrained in your teaching methods. If you get a chance can you ask him why he does this?


As for Gleason Sensei not seeming "focused" on uke after executing a technique, I can say such is not the case. Gleason Sensei knows what's going on on every part of the mat, this too has been my personal experience with him. I've seen him standing on one end of the mat and the next instant he's off to the far corner of the mat correcting something he saw. I've also seen Gleason Sensei finish his pins by completely immobilizing and holding his ukes down for several minutes whilst they struggled to get back up.

So while it may "appear" to you that Gleason Sensei lacks the requisite amount of zanshin, I can say, as someone who has swung a bokken at him for a while now, that such is not the case.
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