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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

I understand your view. However, I find the notion that Aikiweb is being "used" a rather strong statement. When you speak this way, you also speak ill of your peers.

And for self promotion?
I will agree that we are promoting. Where we disagree is on ...what... we are promoting.
We are promoting ideas and methods, and teachers of different styles.

The main issue I see is one of education. Aikido-ka are finding out what ki and aiki mean in the history of the martial arts of the world, spanning many cultures and eras. Discussions of ki and aiki ...are...discussions of aikido, and that is the basis of our discussions here. It's puzzling for me to see it placed in Non-Aikido Martial Traditions, when your entire art is based on it.

On a personal level I find myself surrounded by teachers and students of Aikido these days (from all branches of the art) and every one of them sees this as foundational to what aikido is.
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