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Robert A. Wilkins
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Re: Searching for a new Bokken

Ralph Martin wrote: View Post
Usually, I get my weapons from Kiyota in Maryland, and have been for many years. He doesn't have a web site, but he has very good prices and lots of different types of wood weapons. One of my favorites is the Chiba-san bokken designed by Chiba Sensei. It has a great weight and balance. More like a sword balance than the typical bokken balance.

Mr. Kiyota is very worth investigating and getting his number; absolutely the best products and best prices including gi's hakama's, iaito's etc. And if you ask very politely he will even personally pick out a nice bokken for you. Very knowledgable gentleman.

Peace in your heart all.
I'd second this. My experience with the Kiyota bokkens (Kashima Shinryu and Shinto Ryu styles) has been very positive. If I were in the market for a new bokken, I'd purchase one from Kiyota unhesitatingly.
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