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Re: teachers can no longer study?

Lately i've reading a lot about training.
One thing that I came up and I agree, or at least seems to be logical, is that the most important work one must do, in aikido (to be specific), is the "self training", or the "alone work". At least after you have been training for a while and have a good notion of the "movement" way (It's useless to build an engine and do not have a chassis to put it on).
The tatami work is inevitable, but must be the complement to the outside tatami work, as in the place where you try to apply what you have studied before.
The fact that some few people really get exceptional at aikido, and these folks usually get better and better with age, despite the fact that they do really almost none "tatami work" anymore, should be a clue to everyone.
I'm not saying that you do not need to do "hard work". On the contrary. The "alone work" seems to be far more difficult than the "tatami work".
Anyway, another clue should be that if aikido was merely a "physical" discipline, with age these exceptional folk would show a decay in their aikido, what is not the case, like I said (but this is very controversial, I know).
So, being a teacher or student shouldn't be any different, because the greater work must be done outside tatami (in my opinion).
But seems that most people train aikido only on tatami, even being possible to train almost any of the principles alone.

I'm in that group, of course. But I'm trying to change that
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