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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Hanna Björk wrote: View Post
If Jun wants this place to be about aikido in general, I think it is time to rename it to, for instance, Aikidoweb.
Quickly, as I'm needing to work on some projects this afternoon...

Simply, I named this website "AikiWeb" to contrast it with the term "aikido" so that this site would engage people in a more "web" like manner with many different strands crossing than a single, linear "path" (such as what we each practice in the dojo). I am in no position here to get into a semantic discussion about the term "aiki" (a term which precedes Morihei Ueshiba's art of aikido by many centuries in arts such as Kashima Shinryu). But, suffice it to say that the main, underlying, topic of this website is the martial art of aikido as founded by Morihei Ueshiba.

At the moment, I do not have any plans on creating a new subforum. With that said, though, I am willing to entertain such an idea if I hear enough discussion around that topic. But, please understand that even if another subforum were to be created, the Non-Aikido Martial Traditions forum will still continue to exist and all discussions outside the purview of the topic of aikido will be asked to take place there (as I have delineated, I hope, in my posts above in this very thread).

I hope that clarifies some things...


-- Jun

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