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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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But I think we should understand that there are plenty of people who don't see any need to "put aiki back in aikido".
The vast majority of people doing Aikido ( well over 1 million ) don't see the need to "put aiki back in Aikido" because they know that it never left Aikido.

A few, very few, well two to be exact, people outside of Aikido were overwhelming almost every thread with their self promotion and bickering to the point where many members quit visiting and posting on Aikiweb.

There was a need to isolate the non- Aikido from the Aikido.

There was an attempt to have a separate Internal Strength website by a few members of Aikiweb but I don't think it lasted very long because only a few people posted to it.

I visited it a few times but very few people were posting and I never saw Dan or Mike posting.

In the end it is Jun's website and he can do with it whatever he wants.