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Re: yokomenuchi shionage....ura

Pointers for kuzushi for shihonage - irimi version

1. the common mistake for irimi entry is wrong TIMING. Most people only start to irimi too late. Irimi when uke's hand starts to go up, unlike the other version where you can "catch" the hand and you can wait all you want for the attack to come through. Here its different, you don't actually know who's attacking. Enter too late, then uke gets too strong, that's why you can't "force him back". But enter too early, and uke might attack differently or technique looks like a farce.

2. You do not "force him back". The kuzushi is designed for him not to be able to move/walk once you get the ATTACKING ARM IN THE RIGHT POSITION. You need to find the correct position, timing and what is enough force to put that attacking arm to immobilise him. You dont even need atemi to do this but it will help.
You need to find the correct force as too much force during entry will throw him like a kokyu throw. not enough force, you'll encounter your problem. enough force will immobilise him.

The test is that once that arm is in the right position, uke cannot walk forward with the backleg no matter how he tries. Experiment with this first with a partner, no need to do yokomen or shomen attack. just find the right position of uke's attacking hand for kuzushi (uke would feel like a tripod, attacking hand and 2 feet). Once you find the right position for that arm, ask uke to walk forward. If uke can move the backleg forward, then you havnt found the right hind position so you need to experiment more. Also ask uke to try to reach you with his other arm.. he can't as he will be off balanced. Its just understanding simple force vectors.

Once you find this, you can stand there as long as you like and uke can't walk or reach you with his other arm. This is the test. then apply this doing yokomen or shomen.

my 2 cents

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