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Nicholas Eschenbruch
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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Hi Hannah,

I think your idea is good and merits some broad discussion. As much as I myself like "IS" and its proponent, and do my best to practice, I think there can be a weird tendency to delegitimate any other aikido through IS discussions. I also find there sometimes is a sort of unholy alliance between the "aikido is for fighting" and the "aikido is about IS" that can turn into a sort of fundamentalism of sorts ("if we just (re)turned to IS we could make this an ass-kicking fighting art again and get rid of all the other stuff").... now again, I can very much sympathise with the first part of that point of view, but I think aikido has developed into lots of things that are as legitimate - and beautiful and worth practising on their own.

So yes, I would be interested in hearing hat others think about your proposals.

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