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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
Dear AikiWeb Members,

I have just created a new Non-Aikido Martial Traditions forum in the AikiWeb Forums.

Please direct all discussions on martial traditions not specifically regarding aikido into this forum. This includes topics based on "aiki" concepts rooted outside of aikido proper, discussions which rely upon non-aikido jargon, and threads otherwise focusing on non-aikido martial traditions. Both the explicit content as well as the implicit intent of each topic will be considered.

I ask for your cooperation in moving and starting discussions of these kinds to the Non-Aikido Martial Traditions forum from now on; please respect these wishes as a part of your responsibiliy in participating in the AikiWeb community.

Thank you,

-- Jun
Has this really worked? It seems to me it hasn't. There's non-aikido jorgon (IP, IT, IHTBF, jin, etc) all over the place. Probably most people how discuss these things feel they are doing it in aikido context, and so they feel the discussions don't belong in a "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" forum.

I think Aikiweb needs a sforum called "Internal training in aikido", or something similar. It would make the structure more clear. I do think we could ask of the forumites to avoid IT/IP-jargon (including the beforementioned abbreviations without an explanation) outside of that forum.

It's not that I can't understand the enthusiasm. I have trained a seminar with Okamoto sensei of the Roppokai in... 2002, I think, well before this "putting aiki back into aikido" trend began. I trained with aikido teachers who regularly train with Okamoto sensei. We did some cool stuff, doing ikkyo so it didn't felt like a technique - you just went down without knowing why in a way, it is this "inner strenght/aiki"-trend that brought me back to Aikiweb, after a couple of years near abscense.

But I think we should understand that there are plenty of people who don't see any need to "put aiki back in aikido". And I don't think we should assume that those who think they see such a need "have seen the light" and we should wait for the rest to do the same. Assuming that those not intersted just don't get it because they haven't felt it (yet) is a bit arrogant, really. It's the same kind of arrogance that makes newly born-again Christians so irritating to all others than their peers.

When this web board was created, internal training in aikido wasn't a subject very likely to be discussed - it certainly wasn't big enough a topic to warrant a specific forum for it. Today I think it is. My hope is that this way we can meet the interest both of those very interested in discussing internal training, and those who want to discuss aikido without their threads about for instance aikido techniques getting "hijacked" and converted into discussions on internal training, and filled with uncomprehensible acronyms. (I have read HIPS - Ellis Amdur's Hidden in Plain Sight. It was a good read. I still ponder on some things in it, and I'll probably reread it sooner or later. But I don't think we should expect of everyone on this forum, in every kind of thread, to know that HIPS is. In a forum for internal training - yes, perhaps. But not on the forums as a whole.)

This is my first suggestion. I have a second one, which is more far-reaching.

If Jun wants this place to be about aikido in general, I think it is time to rename it to, for instance, Aikidoweb. The way things have evolved, with "aiki" often being treated like the correspondent term to the results of internal training in Chinese martial arts, the name Aikiweb is kind of an invitation to those interested in internal training in general. The name Aikiweb has become ambiguous. A name change to Aikidoweb plus a specific forum named "Internal training" or something similar would hopefully make the aikido identity of this website more clear, while creating a well-defined space for those very interested in the subject of internal training and making the discussions on that subject easier to find for the interested reader and forumites.