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Re: Aikido wrist catching?

Some interesting responses. I most definitely appreciate the responses and the advice. I want to do a martial art because:

A.) I enjoy and am fascinated/interested in the martial arts.
B.) They help de-stress oneself and focus on things other thing real life if only for a bit.

C.)Self-Defense is a practical afterthought.

Some of the things I have said are being blown a bit out of proportion. I am not a basket case sorry guys. I'm a normal guy, living in a normal area of town, living a normal life at a normal job. My questions are more catered towards those with more experience in the art than myself and with the idea that I am currently studying both but I don't have time to continue to do so and a choice has to be made. I was and am leaning towards aikido I just thought it might be nice to get more info to make a better more educated decision from people who know more than myself so that A, B and C are somewhat covered/quantified in a sense. And please do not slice up everything I just said to make points and counterpoints and so and and so forth. For those that have been reading and giving honest opinions and ideas and being helpful you are most appreciated.

PS, Sure I haven't been injured but being worried about a future injury and not being able to work I believe is somewhat practical and does not make me out to be a hypochondriac. If you must know my toes are sore, and my back hurts sometimes when I take hard falls/throws (again I am a novice).



"So if self preservation is your priority then perhaps this is something worth considering. "

Not a 100% sure what you mean?

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