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Re: Aikido wrist catching?

Do you often find yourself in dangerous situations, or live in a bad part of town? Or have a dangerous job?
In a country with a horrible gun culture staying alert is, as Mary stated, by far and away your first line of, and perhaps most critical form of self defense.

Also you have stated that you are worried about: losing your job due to injury that hasn't happened, also feeling generally worried and stressed and also worried about the real world effectiveness of a martial art that you don't practice, and also that it will take too long to get any good.

The overriding sense that I get is that you are generally quite stressed and worried about a number of things including your own personal safety, hence the interest in Aikido and Judo.

I don't know the stats but I'd be pretty confident that stress related illness kills more people than fleet fisted bad guys, or even guns or car crashes.

So if self preservation is your priority then perhaps this is something worth considering.

Your friend in Aiki

Enjoy the journey
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