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Re: Aikido wrist catching?

Thanks everyone for the advice. Yes I meant that I "can't", and Yes I am looking into Self-Defense. Lately I have been feeling that Judo is more realistic in terms of defense but I feel as I said like it is hard on my body and I don't want to have to worry about injuries and being out of work at any juncture. I have always been interested in Aikido because I am not a fighter, or an attacker, and it feels like it would be a good match for me in terms of my personality and I like the idea of being able to relax and it calming me, as I'm pretty stressed frequently. I'm just worried about its practicality in terms of self-defense in the real world. I've gone to aikidofaqs and read some of the stories there but everything I'm reading sounds great but I don't want to have to wait years until I can use any of this stuff and as I said I'm worried about the art as it relies alot on wrist locks. I definitely appreciate everyone's info and help and advice and I'm definitely taking it to heart.

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