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kamae problem

in my dojo, we're taught that the correct kamae is "L" shaped (front foot points forward and rear foot point outward). my dojo teaches aikikai aikido. is it the correct kamae? I've used the search function of this forum but I found nothing for the keyword "kamae".

anyway, there's this not-so-new student in my dojo that refuses to do the correct kamae as instructed. he says that if we stand that way, it will take more time to do a technique because we'll need to change foot. I've tried to explain to him that that's what various ashisabakis are for but he won't listen. I'm not the instructor and I don't like to waste my time saying the same thing over and over, so I just let him do as he likes(he stands with both feet adjacent sideways because he thinks that will allow him to move anywhere better).

btw, he's only joined our dojo for a couple months, brand new to aikikai aikido, only comes to train occasionally because of his supposedly tight work schedule (2-3 times a month), and have studied tomiki for less than 2 years (when I asked for the specific time-span, he said not too long but less than a couple years).

have you guys experienced something like this? how do you handle it?

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