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Re: Ueno Chimp Rolls

Way back when I first started I trained at a very busy dojo where I received a minimal amount of instruction in ukemi--just watch and do--was the prevailing attitude. Roll if you want, breakfall if you're up for it. Mostly I tried to copy the "curved unbending arm" I saw used by experienced aikidoka--as if you could get to where the advanced students were by pretending to be one. Despite this naive approach youth and flexibility kept me from getting injured. As I was reluctant to ask for special instruction at the aikido dojo I decided to join a judo dojo which was in a converted church in order to make faster progress in learning ukemi and breakfalls. I told the the judo instructor that I was mainly interested in supplementing my aikido training and he and other judoka were very open to this and taught me quite a bit to the point that high impact breakfalls became a distinct form of relaxation: after all, nage did all the work and I just went along for the ride. I will always be thankful for my time at the "judo church".

Today, at the dojo where I am taking classes, to the best of my ability, I do rolls with everyone else before instruction begins and the Shihan gives me a bit of advice as I need it. I also do one to one sessions with a Shodan at another dojo once each week. There I get intensive attention in ukemi from my instructor who, with great patience, is helping me progress albeit slowly. I may never get back to doing and enjoying high impact breakfalls but it's good to be on the journey. Interestingly enough to my mind is that the dojo where I do the 1:1 sessions is in a converted church.

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