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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
He is charging, I try to escape, pam - I see the mat. I am getting up, pam! I see the mat again - I try to roll away and get up as I am almost standing - pam! i see the mat again. I am confused, I understand nothing. How can I manage in this thunderstorm? I am supposed to do a nikkyo but I have no idea - how can I do a nikkyo in this situation?
I try - i get a smack on my face, a finger into my eye and pam - i see the mat again.
I make desperate attempts, at first using blunt force, other times grappling into the void - pam - i see the mat again.
I grab his wrist he pulls it back i lose my grip, pam, i get two smacks on my face, pam i see the mat again.
I grab again a wrist, i know i must be fast, but i have placed my hands in the wrong way - oh no darling, what do you want me to do rub your tummy? You did it wrong, so - PAM - you see the mat!
I try again this time a hand is placed corrctly but this wrist doesn't turn, why i cannot understand maybe because - pam i see the mat again!

then you go home. You rethink over and over the whole thing. It's engraved deeply into your flesh and mind now.
You realize your possibile errors. Tomorrow is another day, you will see the mat again, but this time you will try a new trick. Pam and you see the mat again!

Repeat algorithm. Over and over again.

One day you place a wonderful nikkyo - because you have realized that the way to a good nikkyo is paved of burning obstacles, and that if you don't manage thos efirst, you will NEVER place a nikkyo on a REAL attacker.

Pam - he sees the mat.

Aikido learned with the contribution of a boxing legacy.
You don't learn as you succeed during the day in the dojo. You learn by failing utterly and ingominously against the complete holistic challenge, when at night you think it over. You learn while the owls croak, as you lay in your bed.
Perhaps I should leave this thread in its dormant state, but I found this video and it made me think of this thread again.

Perhaps this training has a somewhat higher degree of realism from a boxing point of view?
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