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Re: Aikido wrist catching?

Hi Jon,
(Disclaimer: I am still a beginner)

"With aikido I am worried.i can catch a wrist or do a move in the moment"

Do you mean "Can't"?

You are right the practicality of Aikido is often a cause for debate.

I would assume that as you are interested in the effectiveness of the wrist locks at speed that your primary objective for training is self defense?

You should understand that in Aikido (or any MA) the application of a specific technique in a martial encounter is entirely governed by the specific parameters held in an instant. In 'attempting' to administer a wrist lock I'd suggest that you will be met with resistance and it will be difficult to apply. If however you can naturally apply the principles inherent in Aikido then it will be of benefit. Any argument of this technique, in this or that situation is utterly futile.

By staying mentally and physically calm and relaxed we can feel our opponents intention and move accordingly to a position of mutual safety.

My advice is rather than considering the effectiveness of the MA first consider your motivations for wanting to learn it (if you haven't already that it is) shop around to find a good teacher in a style that suits your personal requirements.

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Enjoy the journey
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