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Dan Harden wrote: View Post
So for those training it how relevant do you believe ip/ aiki is in comparison to kata training for a good balance of foundation.
Seems Ueshiba and Tohei agreed with their DR counterparts as well as the Chinese.
Do your mates agree?
In my opinion, Kata/form training without incorporating movement powered by ip/aiki is an empty shell. So do you try to develop ip by carefully studying & repeating the form again & again until you get it (a la Chen Fake the Tai Chi master) or do you repeat a simple looking yet profound exercise which will be present in you (eventually) every time you move or will it (standing practise, silk reeling, rowing exercise etc). Personally I need to internalize the simple first before attempting to have it fully present during kata/form. I still practise form but for me the gold is to be found in the other training & later expressed in the form or freestyle. Neither way is wrong, just my preference for learning.
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