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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Hey Dan, nothing has been revealed yet, it's part of THE carefully constructed strategy to elevate the Harden method to be more popular than Tai Chi in China. Part A, create a cult inner circle following, check, Part B propaganda, harden tshirts, logos, magazine front covers etc (in progress) Part C compulsory introduction to school curriculum worldwide, bwahaha, some people might even believe it. All I can say is your very patient and many appreciate your observations here on aikiweb & RSF even with the flak you put up with, so pls keep it up.
Here's a question for you with regards to in/up & down/out. When receiving/grounding an incoming force is it preferable to receive on the inside lines of the legs & send back on the outside lines or receive on the outside & use the inside for bouncing back? Feels like both can be done, any thoughts appreciated.
Thanks, Alex
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