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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Just wanted to echo Gregs comments about Dan & the people who train with him or attend his seminars (those I've met at least). I met him for the first time recently in London a few weeks back. I found him to be very generous not only with his information & time, money wasnt his motivator, he just wanted to train & help, thats it. He wasn't trying to convert me to anything, he wasnt bothered if you took the information & wanted to incorporate it into your chosen martial art, no trying to sell anything, the result of the training sold itself. He didnt claim to know everything, he explained what HE found useful, why he trained what he trained, gave credit to things other people showed or told him. For his skill level he could have been massively big headed, made a ton of money selling the exclusive Harden method to internal strength but nope, just wanted to train & help. All these are my observations of spending one weekend training with Dan. Oh and he was really funny, taking the piss & being on the receiving end (which is a good sign in my book).

I'm not a Dan follower or cheerleader however this post may seem, I simply read his posts here on Aikiweb over the years & they hit a note with me, that was my only experience of him prior to the seminar. I'm a big believer of being able to tell a martial artists ability by contact. From my perspective, he was very very rooted but not stuck to the ground. Was able to go through or round my guard, hit like a train & always changing (so never in danger & always a step ahead). For me, definitely skills that I want to train & improve. He then breaks it down & gives you the tools to go away & drill it for yourself (its as if he has failed if you dont get it, hands on correction, feeling him do the exercise, intellectual discussion or visually exaggerated movement for your benefit). Geez he can't give it away any easier all you have to do is train it relentlessly (which he tells you ). 

I don't believe for a second that money is his motivator if it was hes currently losing a fortune. He's probably gonna be around for a year or 2, helping out those who are the same page as him and then disappear. His friends/training partners will miss him & those chatting shit on the web will continue with their bullshit. I just thought that somebody who met him over a weekend should give his account. I will say that it seems to match up with what most people say. 

It's a little disappointing that my first meaningful post here is to stick up for the integrity of a guy I met once a few weeks ago. Oh well.

 To Dan & Paul, hi & hope your both well.
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