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Re: Ueno Chimp Rolls

Old thread... but nevertheless. The topic shouldn't go easily outdated. The bolding in the quote below was added by me.

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Among my judoka friends, the only complaints regarding shoulder injuries are a) if one took BAD ukemi, took a makikomi fall or got pile-driven - in other words, one inescapably fell on the shoulder b) cranked too hard in a lock. But I never heard people complaining about chronic shoulder problems due to rolling, which is quite common in aikido.
Aikidoka have simply been taught wrong. It looks good to fall with the fingers in line with the lead foot toe - one goes in a big arch like a hoop. And if you are a young person - with significant athletic talent and thick flexible tendons - you'll have no trouble. But if you are not that - welcome to chronic, unnecessary injuries.
While I do think that there are great advantages in avoiding crossing the spine mid-back... is there really that much chronic shoulder problems due to rolling? I never heard about it.

Judo people learn front rolls, of course, but does a judo player during 100 hours of training do as many rolls as an aikidoist? I somehow doubt that. Falls, yes. But not necessarily rolls, or? I admit I never trained in judo, but I imagine the front rolls taught in judo varies quite a bit also. Perhaps I should visit a judo dojo and watch, just to check what their rolling looks like.

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Here is a Parkour roll tutorial, a bit cheesy, but good. These guys teach that you should change the angle depending on how hard the surface is. If the ground is soft, like grass, roll more like the trad aikido style. If the ground is hard, roll more Ueno Zoo chimp style.
Not sure if there is or isnt't a parkour way or rolling, but these guys are mainly Bujinkan people. The shuriken and stuff in the vid is a hint and they talked about it on Swedish web forums at the time they created Team Ukemi. The way they roll placing the hands and forearms on the ground is typical of that style.

Eugene Leslie wrote: View Post
I liked the russian guy's rolls but I wouldn't recommend that from a height at the risk of breaking my neck. Literally.
Great post thanks.
One more thing and correct me if I'm wrong but an Aikidoka's roll allows him/her to maintain a weapon in hand whereas the others we saw here excluded that possibility.
I doubt the Russian guy would roll like that in high speed or from a height. That exercise must be for some other purpose... or? Difficult to tell when you don't speak Russian :-)

Regarding weapons in hands, and the second vid - I think most Bujinkan people roll more with weapons in hands that most aikido people do. FWIW

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