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Re: Hard before Soft???

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O.K. Ron. Statements to do with spare people punishment or pain I find amusing for some reason. It seems such an arrogant view. Like the persons secret ambition is to be judge jury and executioner and a harsh negative one at that.
But it does tie back to the quote in the original post: in order to "spare" someone punishment, you must first be capable of inflicting it. But that's a digression.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Using great force or armies etc obviously brings war, death, destruction. Not doing it brings the opportunity for peace.

In that way of thinking peace can only be defined as a state of no war, hence peacetime.

To me that's not true peace, in other words peace is not a lack of something it's state of harmony. A lack of something is merely a void.
Added emphasis mine, and I agree. In addition to peace not being defined as the absence of war, I would also say it's not a passive thing. Peace takes work: all the things that make it possible for human beings to live together harmoniously take a lot of work, and it never ends. And a lot of it is very practical, getting-your-hands-dirty work, too. Digging a garden, growing food is one of the types of work that is necessary to make peace possible, just as one example. Peace isn't possible if human beings don't have the things they need to survive and thrive.
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