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Re: -"masu" or -"mashita"?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I have never heard aikido students utter arigatou gozaimasu before they start practising. It is invariably, onegai-shimasu.
well, I thought what I said was "after pairing up with someone", not "before pairing up with someone". before pairing up with someone, we all (in the 2 dojos) use onegaishimasu all the same. the problem was after pairing up..

I'm not trying to be fussy, I'm just confused.. also, I was asking as a precaution because we're (my current dojo) planning to go to my original dojo and train with Kato shihan who is supposed to visit there that time of year (november-december).. I want to be able to give a correct greeting so that I won't make a fool of myself.

@Peter: that's an excellent example. I like it very much. thanks

@Hanna: since my current dojo's culture is to never contradict the instructor (pyramid dictatorship LOL), I'm planning to continue using the correct form as explained by my previous teacher and you guys (Peter and the link Carina gave me) when he's not around.. fortunately, he can only come occasionally due to his job and since none of the others understands japanese, they won't argue with me about this.. *relieved*

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