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Re: Hard before Soft???

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
Hi Daren -

But do you really? The Swiss come to mind as an example of another way. They have no army to speak of yet have managed to stay out ot two World Wars and a bunch of regional skirmishes.

On the other hand, we in America have an armed forces that are second to no one's in terms of capability, yet we have no peace.

Go figure...


Not wishing to make this about the swiss...lovely people, nice clocks & chocolate...

But really ...choosing to abstain may not be an option when the war machine knocks on your front door ....

Likewise choosing to be submissive is not really a choice if its the only position you have eh?

Choosing to to be kind and loving ...while possessing some of that that is a choice.

But what do I know? I can barely cope with the changing subject of this thread.


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