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Re: Belt color importance

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Hi Henry,

you'll be happy to know that tradition is still alive and well with us.


I am very pleased to hear that . The one treasured thing that Abbe Sensei left his old students with, was a sense of loyalty and friendship. All the old Hut dan grades are still connected in some way, I receive many emails from old Judoka of SenseiAbbe.
Some with old photos or films of Abbe Sensei.

Henry Ellis
Same here Sensei as you may probably know from my history page....

If I/we or my old students visited another dojo or organisation, we would always wear white belts, unless instructed by the sensei of that dojo otherwise.... It has the power to stop accidents happening to, as it served as indicator of someone's level and what they were capable of receiving, but as you know that is not always the case......
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