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Re: Teaching Aikido - Require Coaching Course?

Daniel Lloyd wrote: View Post
Should all teachers/instructors of Aikido go through a coaching course?


Should it be a requirement instead of just reaching green-black belt and taking the class?
I think it's something that comes naturally to some people and not others depending upon their confidence within their given subject, the deeper the knowledge the better the instruction, Quality is better than quantity, that kind of thing.
Tomiki Sensei for one made the teaching of aikido a lot easier to understand and apply, the same goes for Saito Sensei of Iwama ryu and Gozo Shioda of Yoshinkan.
Some are naturals some are just plain crap, it's as simple as that....
Most are somewhere in the middle or average. Some couldn't care less....
I've met many who have done coaching courses and are absolute crap and those who have never done a coaching course and are brilliant. One can usually feel or tell if one is a good teacher or not, its called gut instinct.....
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