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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
For a fellow Brit your hard work Graham... I thought it was a simple enough question.

Anyway, in relation to Aikido, from my very limited view of an excellent art, I dont feel like the basics on their own will give us back the art of Ueshiba. Someone who could control energy from a single touch generating spiral forces through every essence of his body and absorbing energy on impact. Not just redirecting... The list goes on but this, I believe is the arguement of I/S guys?? Which is why I have enbarked on solo training to enhance my training, before I fall into any bad habits which are harder to untrain.

just my take
Thank you. I like your view on Aikido and your view on Ueshiba. I also like your view on not just redirecting....

So I understand that and concur. The basics not giving you that I cannot comment on for I don't know what you call basics.

I understand only that the basics as given to you in place 'a' leads you to look elsewhere.

If due to such circumstances the ip guys give you what you need then obviously that's good is it not? I understand that.

Personally I am amused by people who think Aikido is the way of deflecting energy.

That's THE argument of the ip guys? Ha ha. Then why don't they say so? Hell, thats a basic I teach from day one. No secrecy, no promoting it as x, y or z.

Well, people I know know this. People in some Aikijutsu know this, people in hapkido and various arts know this.

Finally, bad habits being hard to untrain? I disagree. I have met many Aikidoka over the years who have come looking for that difference they appear to be missing. At first they feel they have wasted a lot of time but I tell them they have wasted nothing.

With a better understanding they soon correct anything they see in themselves as a bad habit. You will develope 'bad habits' in whatever form of training you do until you reach a very high standard. Then the chances are that you will still have some but much fewer. So don't fall for that old nonsense.

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