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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Like Tony, you are either alluding to or outright saying that I am a con man and that people are being conned. You have no grounds for stating these things and have made no intelligent argument.
Who are you two, to make any statement at all? If you don't want to attend, then don't. You have no grounds to call the judgment of those who do into doubt, nor my own efforts that are being received so well.

This forum and its some of it's members apparently approve of such baseless accusations, I do not.

* What I teach at seminars is described in the brochure.
* I have never read an Aikido seminar brochure that was as detailed as mine.
* The many write ups have explained it further, after the fact.
* Of 782 attendees I have had three people who were not satisfied.
* Most people have stated it was too much information, not less.
* I have an extremely high return rate

It has not escaped my attention, that you do not address the people who attend these seminars...directly (many of whom are senior teachers in the art).
The reason you and Tony don't address them, is that there is no credible way for either of you to intelligently dismiss their expertise, judgment and involvement, so instead you wisely ignore any direct attacks on such a wide range of people.
You are in fact calling all of them....fools.
This will be it for you and me. I'll not speak with you again.

Dan. That's fine by me either way.

I do address whomever by the way.

Secondly I do not call you a con man or allude that you are.

I will say that con men do hide things and create a mystery by doing so and justify why. So as I said when you do such things it raises lot's of suspicions but apparently you dismiss this fact.

Thirdly there is a major difference between you and a con man. A con man doesn't give a good product whereas by all accounts you do.

Those who have attended be it yours or anyone else's and have given good reports I have acknowledged as such so don't put me in that category either thank you very much.

It's the continuous mantra I find amusing, unnecessary and misplaced.

Do you actually realize what it is about your presentation of ip annoys some as well as it's presentation by many others? Do you?

I doubt very much that you do.

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