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Diana Frese
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Re: Gotta Move Aikido Library for Sale

Can't speak for others, but in my case the reason I'm not buying is because of pressing financial obligations.... I have some of the books in family storage, at the back of the locker and no means of getting them out at present (been there about ten years, sigh).

I'll just comment on Terry Dobson's books for the benefit of those not familiar with them. He was an amazing teacher, and if I remember correctly It's a Lot Like Dancing are beautiful personal recollections, while Aikido in Everyday Life is probably the new title of a book he wrote with Victor Miller originally titled Giving In to Get Your Way, which uses the concept of Triangle, Circle Square in dealing with everyday situations. I think the publisher thought up the title for marketing purposes, and I can see why Terry was dissatisfied: I think it was because of the six types of responses to situations he enumerates. These , if I am not mistaken, are in part derived from the situation of Robin Hood on the bridge .... In one class, we were encouraged to act out the possibilities in getting over the narrow bridge blocked by another person: how to work it out. Oh well, read the book!

If I can't buy these myself, at least I hope someone else will, and enjoy them. I gave my copy of It's a Lot Like Dancing, to one of my students who had met and taken class with Terry, and wasn't able to buy another copy for myself, but I will one day, it's that valuable to read....

I'm not sure if Aikido Complete is currently available, if it is Yamada Sensei's original book, written before "The New Aikido Complete" which I think has been renamed. I'll have to check it out. But you might want to specify whether this is Yamada Sensei's original book, which I think was written in the late sixties.

One of my former students wants a copy of this " the book with the red cover" he calls it, and if he gets it, I'll read it again! There are pictures of some of the old timers from New York Aikikai as ukes...

I'm sort of rambling here, but I wanted to recommend a few of these titles, aside from whatever discussions people might be having about cost....
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