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Chris Knight
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Re: Basics, basics, basics

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Chris. I do not have an agenda against Dan or anyone. Why are my posts uncomfortable for you?

I have never insulted him personally yet I have pulled him up on some points, on some views of his. Yes I have challenged some of his views and if you find that uncomfortable then so be it.

Why do I do it? To clear certain points for better understanding. As someone else said if you are told or asked or invited to buy something it's a good idea for the seller to give you a good picture of what they are selling. When they do not they create suspicion and distrust. If they cannot see this then they are not taking responsibility for their own actions are they?

Thus I say that Dan may believe doing things in such a manner is right but I believe it can only result in the ongoing scene.

If car manufacturers used his way of doing things then we would never see any details about the cars we want to buy would we? We would only therefore be able to go on hearsay and reports.

Now if I was to pay first and then go and try out a car and low and behold find it to be just what I'm looking for then that only makes it even more bizarre.

Your posts aren't related to martial arts or aikido/aiki and more of nitpicking about conspiracy theories, marketing ploys and general tittle tattle. How about you go for a test drive, and then come back and let us know? These aren't highly publicised/marketed sessions with Dan, which is why I missed out on going. Maybe he's just not interested in teaching people who don't like him? and make it obvious?? which is why these top level people dont digress information for fear of letting numpties get hold of it

This isn't aimed at yourself, just numpties in general
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