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Allen Beebe
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Re: Mudansha vs Kyudansha

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Hello Allen,

Is 無知愚昧 a unique (Beebe-lical) variation of 無知蒙昧?

Hi Peter,

Nothing slips by you! Not even little known Beebe-lical variants!!

無知愚昧 ● むちぐまい ● MUCHIGUMAI

EDICT (1 entry)

無知愚昧 [むちぐまい: MUCHIGUMAI] unenlightened, in the darkest ignorance, not knowing from A to B


無知蒙昧 ● むちもうまい ● MUCHIMOUMAI

EDICT (1 entry)

無知蒙昧 [むちもうまい: MUCHIMOUMAI] unenlightened, in the darkest ignorance

Not knowing from A to B is the special Beebe twist!!

Not everyone is astute enough to detect the subtle yet delectable difference between these two. Not even Dante dared plumb the depths that true Beebe's proudly call home!

Greed? Yes! Hatred? Yes! Ignorance? Nope! (In defense of Dante some may assert that heresy is the equivalent of ignorance, but we Beebe's are quick to point out that one can't be a heretic not knowing from A to B!)

By the way, it has been asserted that not knowing from A to B was the original cause for the name "Beebe" (of old English origin BTW) to be first brought into use, as a sort of identifier.

"Oh don't mind him. He's the village "BB!" He means no harm."

But that's just stupid!

~ Allen Beebe
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