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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
... we only have your word and a few others on this site that have been seduced by his charms, yet we still have no information on Dan other than his own and his own "fans".....
316 Students who trained at my dojo.
762 Seminar attendees.
All seduced by my charms? This just gets better and better. I have to tell Bill this tomorrow. Maybe, I'll blow him a kiss, and then run!

Add Ark
Add Mike
Add the Japanese Shihans (one, a life long friend of doshu) going outside the art to learn the same stuff.
Add Ikeda going to two different people, both outside the art,
Add a host of 5th dans, 4th dans, and students of various rank-mostly yudansha- from a variety of arts...
All going outside the art to learn the same stuff

You have to-by sheer logic- now address all of these others who are all going outside of aikido to find the same stuff.

Care to explain to all of us:
1.How did this disparate group of Aikido, Karate, Chinese, and MMA students and teachers from different continents all got together with men
2. Themselves don't even know each other ..
3. Learn a related body of work they some how magically know
4. All these teachers.... got conned together?

Your logic falls flat on it's face.

Try this
Dear Mr. Shihan or teacher of 35 years. You don't get it and I don't think you have the brains or judgment to see that all of this is and was in Aikido. I already know all of this stuff. And since you yourself are now teaching some of the new stuff you are learning outside of the art and openly discussing that it came from outside the art as well. I think you too have become a con artist, huckster and snake oil salesman.
Tony Wagstaffe

Try addressing that to Ikeda or any of the other teachers from Biranki to Aikikai to ASU. See how much traction you get out of that ill conceived logic.

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