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I never thought that I'd see the day that Dan was described as "new age". Really Tony, I think you'd enjoy meeting him, give it a try.


Much less since the tenants of what I am teaching, pre-date most of the martial methods we see. It stands to reason it will cause angst among those who learned the martial arts from the
Tony's sarcastic comment "I guess I have been doing everything wrong..." I actually I have heard from shihan, senior teachers and students alike. "I didn't know, that I didn't know..." as a regular occurance in my world. In fact, from so many teachers in different branchs of the art that I lost track. Finding out you never really got aiki after trying most of your life is tough on all of us. More so that so many teachers didn't know how to teach it.
New paltry to the host of insults I get to listen to from Tony, and this after offering to host him for free and buy him dinner.
con man
scam artist
snake oil salesman
Obviously all okay to say here, and any attempt at a defense lumps me in as "being the same." What is clear is that it is NOT okay to respond.
So, no thanks to what is loosely being called a discussion, and no thanks to any meeting.

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