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Carl Simard
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Kendo and Aikido hakama

Hello all,

I'm looking for a new hakama and noticed that some manufacturers have different lines for so called "aikido hakama" and "kendo hakama", although some others don't make these distinctions. They 're just selling hakama.

So, I'm just wondering what are the differences, if any, between hakama in kendo and aikido ? Is it a just a marketing kimmick ? Prices are in the same range, so it's not an issue. And although the cuts may looks slightly different between the two lines of one manufacturer, they're not more, and even less, different than two "aikido hakama" from different manufacturers.

Thus, would you dismiss any hakama that is identified as a "kendo hakama" and stick with the"aikido" ones ? Or do you just consider that a hakama is just a hakama, no matter if it's for kendo or aikido ?
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