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Re: Strength vs Ki.

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Tony said
The word ki was never spoken of in all the years I practised aikido

Hi Tony

Good to see you back. I thought you had been banned and deported :-)
In the 1950s / 1960s we never discussed Ki - Abbe Sensei said it was being taught by correct application of technique - there was no need to keep on about Ki - in those days it was just a part of your application of technique, never was it considered to have magical properties.. It those days Aikido was taught as a martial art or self defence - take yer pick.
You raise many good points Tony, but I am afraid you are flogging that long dead old horse, once you realise it really is dead then like me you will finally let them get on with whatever they want ``their `` Aikido to be...Relax Tony, breath through your toes, it will be good for you.


Henry Ellis
I know Henry that you are right, it's just such a disappointment that people can only resort to belittling me with so called intellectual philosophy and cannot see what it is us more dinosaury igorant folk might actually see and feeeeeeeel, when in fact I have shown them up to be what I have always suspected, but I shouldn't actually act at being surprised, because I'm not.....
I may be academically thick, but I do know a scam when I see it, and know the truth when it's presented to me hidden in plain sight!!
The old true school are dying and it makes me wonder what the hell I've been doing all these years when I read what I read on this forum, which to me, and I suspect quite a few others think to, that it's too far gone down the pan and it needs people like Desperate Dan's new age I/P I/S to get it all back on line again? Yet we can't find out anything about him? Other than say so, which is expected from "disciples"....... I have heard he is a smithy in weapons or some such thing. Short of using a mechanical hammer other than his own physical strength, (if he still uses the old methods?) would mean that he has good body core strength from hard physical work. Add a bit of training in some combat arts and hey presto we have a new martial awareness which no one else or few have discovered....... What??
Tomiki Shihan was of the same attitude as your teachers that the practice of waza, hard training and it's basics are where it's really at..... It's what he learned from Kano and Ueshiba, or maybe it's all lies?
Oh no!! It's now some new age thing called I/P I/S aikido is now the thing to be sought after....... It remains to be seen, but I sincerely have my doubts and will continue to breathe as I have always done since birth or go blue in the face trying otherwise. As for relaxing I have managed to learn that to some extent over the years. I think I have done enough to let people know the difference to really have their eyes and ears open and not listen to the claptrap that has been the fashion to follow until it's been tried and truly tested. I am always amazed at how gullible people are, but that's life Sensei...... Maybe I should be banned & deported so that the new age way can have their way?
Hows Rik & Derek?

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