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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Tony said
The word ki was never spoken of in all the years I practised aikido

Hi Tony

Good to see you back. I thought you had been banned and deported :-)
In the 1950s / 1960s we never discussed Ki - Abbe Sensei said it was being taught by correct application of technique - there was no need to keep on about Ki - in those days it was just a part of your application of technique, never was it considered to have magical properties.. It those days Aikido was taught as a martial art or self defence - take yer pick.
You raise many good points Tony, but I am afraid you are flogging that long dead old horse, once you realise it really is dead then like me you will finally let them get on with whatever they want ``their `` Aikido to be...Relax Tony, breath through your toes, it will be good for you.


Henry Ellis
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