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Kanji in my Gi (need your help and opinion)

Hi Friends,

I need a help on the translation/interpretation on kanji writing in my Gi, and also your opinion on using Gi with writings on it. I bought this kusakura Gi a month ago, which was a display item so the seller sold it to me with a cheaper price.

There is two kanji letter (picture at the bottom), and one of my friend said that the meaning is senboku (a district in Japan). I don't know is it correct or not, but even if it's correct i don't know why there's a district name on a Gi. If anybody had any idea or opinion, i'd be very thankful.

I would also like to ask your opinion regarding the ethics of using Gi with a writing on it (either kanji/roman letter). Is there any rules of tradition on this in Aikido? I haven't use this Gi because i don't want to break any possible ethics/tradition/informal rules.

Thank you for your help.

Btw, i am very new in this forum, and i'd like to thank all of you for sharing so many informations on this forum, i had learned so many useful things here.


(I am really sorry for this oversized picture, i haven't had time to resize it)
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