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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I'm not against it either. I will let you know if I attempt to do so in the future. Were that to happen you will se video, pictures, flyers, notices, a schedule, a syllabus, and an organization, probably with ranks. The only trouble with that is as soon as I saw all of that happening....I would quit.
I've also closed two successful Dojos as well; one in 97 and one 2002. There are people here that were members of those dojo when it happened. I've also refused dozens of students. I walked out to train privately and get better.Was that marketing too, Graham?
This is not marketing Graham, in some respects it would actually run counter to my goals were I to have set any. Aikido folks are a portion of those who train with me. I am just notifying folks these get togethers are happening. I've done 38 of these. Most of them had no notices up that they were even happening. Most of the others I put up had just a few spaces left when they went up.and the notices were last minute.
Hey, I'm not going to quibble. But if you think what I have been doing is glad you're not in the advertising'd be bankrupt!
Dan. To place your service or product on a public place showing when it is, where it is and how much it costs is marketing. It's nothing to do with an organization as you are a one man business offering a service for money.

It does come under marketing and it also comes under promotions.

If you think marketing is just something to do with big organizations and flyers and and the rest of it then it is you who are confused. Just putting an ad in the local paper to sell something comes under marketing. Think about it. Putting something on the market and communicating it's there and it's cost.

I notice you do have in your advertisements a schedule and you promote a sylabus. In your own words that's part of marketing. The other part of marketing and promotions ie: visible things like videos, pictures etc you decide not to have. So you have your service advertised in words but not in pictures. That's your choice.

Therefore I conclude that you do market your service by words and not by visuals for your own reasons.

In fact I would say that here on this forum if a service or product is being advertised for money then it should be under the heading of marketplace.

There's another part of business or organization (verb) I could tell you about also Dan and that's P.R. Now you definitely do that part.

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