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Re: Basics, basics, basics

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You market your product right here on Aikiweb. I'm not against you doing so but find it strange you insist you don't.
I'm not against it either. I will let you know if I attempt to do so in the future. Were that to happen you will se video, pictures, flyers, notices, a schedule, a syllabus, and an organization, probably with ranks. The only trouble with that is as soon as I saw all of that happening....I would quit.
I've also closed two successful Dojos as well; one in 97 and one 2002. There are people here that were members of those dojo when it happened. I've also refused dozens of students. I walked out to train privately and get better. Was that marketing too, Graham?

This is not marketing kiddo, my participaton in these discussions would actually run counter and be harmful to a marketing campaign were I to have one. I am just notifying folks these get togethers are happening. I've done 38 of these. The majority of them had no notices up that they were even happening. The others I put up had just a few spaces left when they went up.and the notices were last minute. I'm doing one in two weeks and no one here knows it is happening.
Hey, I'm not going to quibble with you. But if you think what I have been doing is glad you're not in the advertising'd be bankrupt!

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